Tongue scraper

What product should we use to clean the tongue?

Many dentists agree that using an ordinary toothbrush to clean your tongue isn’t effective. A toothbrush may even push bacteria deeper inside the oral cavity. Instead of using a toothbrush, you can try using a special tongue brush or scraper (included in our offer). This product looks almost like a shaver and is specially designed to clean the surface of the tongue (it can be used after turning 6 years of age).

Cleaning your tongue with a special scraper

  • Start cleaning at the back of your tongue and work your way forward to remove most of the coating. Swipe the entire surface of the tongue a few times.
  • Then, clean the side surfaces of your tongue moving the scraper the same way.
  • When finished rinse your mouth with water or mouth wash.

Note! Taste buds are located at the back of the tongue. We should be extra careful with them and rub them with gentle pressure.

By keeping your tongue clean, you will:

  • have fresh breath,
  • have healthy teeth,

  • have healthy digestive system,
  • feel the taste of food more intensively,

  • enhance your immune system

Using a tongue scraper regularly brings many health benefits, but it also affects our mental health. People having problem with bad breath will be able to remove bacteria causing this embarrassing problem.

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ulotka A5 skrobaczka.cdr